Dr. Charles G. Hayes

Dr. Charles G. Hayes

For more than four decades, this premiere interdenominational choir has proven thier staying power and commitment to traditional gospel muisc by recording classics such as "Jesus Can Work it Out" and "Step Back, Let God Do It," featuring the lead vocals of the electrifying Diane Williams.

When asked about one release, Dr. Charles G. Hayes says, "We're at war!" and continues by describing the high-spirited, electrifying collage of traditional gospel hits. Dr. Charles Hayes and the Cosmopolitan Church of Prayer Choir has become a mainstay in gospel music. They have been responsible for some of the biggest hits in gospel music. Songs like "The Bridegroom Cometh", "Jesus Can Work It Out" and "Step Back, Let God Do It" have definitely proven that "The Warriors", as they're affectionately known, are a driving force in gospel music today. The Warriors have established a following across the country, and are constantly in demand.

Pastor Charles George Hayes, third child and second son of Mamie Lee and Will Hayes, born December 10, 1937, in Verbena, Alabama. He went to school at Siluria Jr. High School and Prentice High School in Montevallo, Alabam, migrating to Chicago, Illinois in 1955.

He later became a church musician and was ordained in the Ministry on August 31, 1957. On April 28, 1959, he organized the Cosmopolitan Church of prayer.

Father of two, and grandfather , Pastor Hayes became affectionately known as "Father Hayes" because of his paternal qualities, his compassion, his concern for, and interest in people.

Received Doctorate Degree from Religious Science Institute,
December 1973.

Received Honorary Doctorate of Human Letters from St. Martins College and Seminary, September, 1974.

Honors & Awards:

•Key to City of Newark, New Jersey July, 1974

•Meritorious Service Ecumenical Rapport, Chicago, Illinois September, 1974

•Commendation and Proclamation, "Dr. Charles G. Hayes Day" - Board of Commissioners, Fulton County, Georgia June, 1981

•Honorary Citizen, Atlanta, Georgia June, 1981

•Mayor's Award for Dedicated Service, Atlanta, Georgia June, 1981

•Key to City of Houston, Texas November, 1982

•Outstanding Minister Award, Chicago, Illinois April, 1983

•Key to City of Dallas, Texas July, 1983

•Recognition for 25 Years of Service as Pastor, Chicago, Illinois April, 1984

•Recognition for Devoted Service, Chicago, Illinois March, 1985

•Recognition for Workmanship of Team Efforts, Chicago, Illinois August, 1985

•First Recipient of Minister's Achievement Award, Chicago, Illinois November, 1985

•Gospel Music Workshop Award of Excellence November, 1985

•Gospel Music Workshop Outstanding Contemporary Choir November, 1985

•Certificate of Appreciation, Chicago, Illinois November, 1986

•Recognition for Inspiration, Chicago. Illinois June, 1987

•Proclamation, "Dr. Charles G. Hayes Day", Louisville, Kentucky August, 1987

•Annual Minister's Conference, Phoenix, Arizona February, 1988

•Key to City of Little Rock, Arkansas April, 1988

•Mayor's Congratulations for 32 Years Service in the Ministry, Chicago August, 1989

•Recognition for 32 Years Service in the Ministry, Chicago, Illinois August, 1989

•Outstanding Leadership, Chicago, Illinois August, 1989

•Recognition for Original Pre-Memorial Day Midnight Musical, Chicago May, 1990

•Key to City of Little Rock, Arkansas June, 1990

•Recognition for Service for 32 Years as Pastor April, 1991

•Numerous other Honors and Awards Various Dates


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