Dooney "Da Priest"

Dooney "Da Priest"

From stadiums to national television shows such as Oprah Winfrey's Harpo Productions' Dr. Phil Show, Dooney “Da Priest” has been the Champion for the “Pull Your Pants Up!” initiatives across the nation.

The Malaco Music Group is proud to announce the signing of Dooney “Da Priest” to the Malaco family of artists.

Heralded from the lone star state of Texas, city of Dallas, Dooney “Da Priest” tackles social issues, but undoubtedly committed to ministry by planting the seeds of the unadulterated Gospel into the minds and hearts of the youth and the unconverted through beats from the streets.

“Pull Your Pants Up!” is the debut album from Dooney “Da Priest” to be released on Malaco Records. It features 12 hard hitting, spirit filled tracks. The catch phrase “Pull Your Pants Up!” has been the rallying cry, billboard campaign and now theme song for the city of Dallas. Initiated by Deputy Mayor Pro Tem of Dallas, Dwaine R. Caraway who began petitioning for an ordinance to be passed banning the fashion trend of “Saggin' Pants” because of the increasing number of individuals wearing their pants way below their waist lines exposing their under garments in the urban and rural communities. It was Mayor Caraway’s position that this fashion trend not only contributed to the moral decay, lack of self respect and respect for others, but was also associated with gangs, drugs and violence. “Pull Your Pants Up!” single is also being supported in the religious community, receiving airplay on the Gospel station KHVN in Dallas where Antonio Johnson is the Program Director. Dallas is not the only city that has taken the stance of “Pull Your Pants Up!.” In the home of The Malaco Music Group world headquarters, Jackson, MS, City Councilman Kenneth I. Stokes has initiated his campaign for an ordinance of the same to be passed.

Dooney “Da Priest” has been featured on Good Morning Texas, Source Magazine,, National Public Radio (NPR) and abroad on the BBC media. He has toured on the Christian “Acquire The Fire” tour with T.D. Jakes, Kirk Franklin, Cross Movement, Unhindered and Rockafirme.

“Pull Your Pants Up!” is not just a movement devised to transform the outer appearance of man, but a movement devised to transform the inner workings of minds.

What is your stance?

Malaco would like to know.

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Below is a listing of radio stations currently playing Pull Your Pants Up! along with their request line number. Remember, call your station as much as possible to request Pull Your Pants Up! If the radio station in your area is not listed below, call them NOW and tell them to start playing Pull Your Pants Up!

Douglas, GA

Dade City, FL

Clanton, AL

Williamson, GA

Rocky Mount, SC

Lawrenceville, VA

Ashokie, NC

Kinston, NC

Gainesville, FL

Clinton, NC

Stockton, CA

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