Tim Miller aka 'DA MINISTA' Rooted in Preachin' & Rappin'

Words create Images In our mind. How are these defined?

Rap music
Hip-hop Generation
Hip-hop Nation

The hip-hop generation began with rappers in New York and down the East Coast, eventually making its way in waves to the West and through the South. This movement has its roots in music, but it has grown to include a multi-billion dollar industry that is comprised of clothing lines, movies, cars, print media, television, and re-latable consumer products and trends such as
body-piercings and tattoos. The movement has no one leader, but, it is a powerful, seemingly un-stoppable machine and draws in thousands, even millions of kids and young adults every year, becoming a total way of life for many of them.

So what do rap and hip-hop have to do with Pastor Jimmie Miller, aka DA MINISTA, of McComb, Mississippi? Everything. He is here to lead the Rap Revolution with his to-the-point
gospel message.

Miller, hereafter referred to as DA MINISTA, is a rapper. He is straight from the heart of the hip-hop generation, growing up through its ranks first as an award-winning dancer and later becoming the writer/performer that he is today. However,
DA MINISTA is set apart from everyone else born out of this genre of the music industry. He is a minister (has been since the early 1990s), and leads the congregation of Candlelight Ministies in his home town. DA MINISTA is also CEO of FTAJ Entertainment; FTAJ is an acronym for his wife and three children (pronounced F-TAhJ), and is the company that produced his music and booked his concerts before he signed to the Malaco Records label in June of 2005. This recent deal makes him the first Gospel Rap artist ever to join the ranks of Malaco artists in all genres, and possibly the first Rapper minister ever to break ground professionally in the music industry. If Timmie Miller had faded into the background behind his twelve brothers and sisters, people would have understood. Fortunately he did not feel tempted to lay back and let life happen around him, he grabbed hold and MADE it happen for himself.

DA MINISTA answers to this question all the time, “How you gonna be a preacher and do rap?’ Without flinching, he replies, “Have you heard my lyrics?” Rap is as natural to DA MINISTA as Gospel is to The Mississippi Mass Choir and his sound is signature too. Influenced by the rapid-fire, beat-driven lyrics of the East Coast, the slower, melodic flow of the West, and blended with a southern hip-hop feel, DA MINISTA has created a style all his own that appeals not only to the young hip-hop generation, but their parents as well. His music is purposeful; building a bridge across generations he hopes to eliminate the alienation effect that occurs so often when kids bring home the latest cuts from mainstream music.

When I grew up, hip-hop was a way of life for me. It’s who I am inside—but I’m more than just hip-hop, I am a disciple of Jesus Christ, called to lead others to Him. My sincerest desire is to use the gifts that God has given me to reach the hip-hop culture and give them hope in Christ. to lead them out of damaging lifestyles and into productive, God-centered ones.

It is also my prayer that my unique style of rap will appeal across generations and bring unity to families through the common interest they find in my music.

I will be active in personally connecting with those around me, that they might feel the spirit of God working in me and desire it for themselves


•ARTIST: Tim, Timmie Miller •HIP-HOP HANDLE: DA MINISTA •FULL-TIME: Pastor, Candlelight Ministries, McCoomb, MS. Has served for more than ten years. •GIFTS: Insightful, clear-headed, focused, hop-hop dancer, choreographer, lyricist, rapper/singer •FAMILY: Married to Felicia Miller, has three children: Timmie,Jr., Jessica, and Amari •YEARS RAPPIN’: More than two decades, since he was a youth. Formed his first group at age 13. Danced and choreographed hip-hop, winning many talent contests and later local/regional radio play for original music. •AFTER SCHOOL: Served in the U.S. Army •INTERNATIONAL: With his group, The 4 For Love, took the show on the road traveling to Japan! •Returned to develop his solo career •VIDEO: Has created a couple music videos which will release in the future. •RECORD DEAL: Debuting on Malaco Records as their FIRST hip-hop artist in the Gospel Division. •MORE FIRSTS: First gospel artist to launch on gospel and bridge to mainstream •First hip-hop artist/full-time pastor •FTAJ ENTERTAINMENT: Miller is the CEO and founder of this entertainment company. Through FTAJ (an acronym for his wife and children) he produced independent projects such as music and video and performed concerts. •MOTTO: “Keep it Gospel”.

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