John Miller's Son...Still Preachin'


Malaco Records' Gospel Division known in the recording industry as a pioneering traditional Gospel powerhouse for over 30 years with artists such as The Mississippi Mass Choir, The Jackson Southernaires, Dorothy Norwood and The Williams Brothers is proud to present it's first ever Gospel Hip Hop release.Read More

Track Listing:
  • 1. Change Gonna Come 
  • 2. Rainy Dayz 
  • 3. Nobody 
  • 4. I Ain't Missing You 
  • 5. Country Skit (I've Been Drinking) 
  • 6. Crooked Letter 
  • 7. I Ain't Feeling That 
  • 8. Where You From 
  • 9. John Miller's Son...Still Preachin' 
  • 10. Drop That Load Off 
  • 11. Don't You Wanna Be Saved 

This Mississippi based spiritual Rapper has the potential to transform the Gospel Hip Hop scene as well as the Mainstream Hip Hop scene much like fellow secular Mississippian Rap Superstar David Banner. DA MINISTA leaves a lasting impression with his poignant lyrical content and distinctive vocal delivery that is sure to be remembered by all that hear him.

"John Miller's Son...Still Preachin'" contains 11 Inspirational tracks that range from smooth Urban radio friendly tracks with melodic singable hooks to the bass thumpin', krunked out party anthems the whole family can listen to.

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