Carnell Murrell

The Prodigal Son


Carnell Murrell’s albums mean promise, in every sense. He not only carries the gospel to new audiences, he delivers his musical message as an ingenious artist and as a celebrated writer and producer. “Carnell’s music is church. His appeal is to youth and young adults, but with a traditional overtone,” says Savoy director Milton Biggham. Read More

Track Listing:
  • 1. Fun Song 
  • 2. The Prodigal Son
  • 3. Judgement Day
  • 4. God Will Step In  
  • 5. I'm On My Way
  • 6. Take My Yoke
  • 7. Broken Promises 
  • 8. I Belong To You
  • 9. Mama
  • 10. I Exalt Thee

The Rev. Biggham shares lead vocals with Carnell on the solid, traditional “I’m On My Way.” The title cut is “one of the most well-written ballads surrounding one of the Bible’s most popular parables, The Prodigal Son,” Biggham points out. “Yet the message is so contemporary because it speaks to the lives of so many people today.” Another choice cut is the high-energy “Judgment Day,” which soars on a strong melody line and simple lyrics. Other spirited selections that reach young audiences are “Fun Song” and “Mama,” the latter of which includes a rap piece by Michelle Robinson. Carnell began his gospel career as a musician and songwriter with the Dallas-Fort Worth Mass Choir, where he, along with Kirk Franklin came to Biggham’s attention. Carnell today ranks as one of the most important gospel music writers in America. He has composed for the DFW Mass Choir, the Rev. James Moore, Men of Standard, The Revival Temple Mass Choir, Ricky Dillard, Bryan Wilson, and Patrick Henderson, to name a few. This power-packed, spirit-filled project surely promises a fresh, moving message for every gospel listener.

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