Calvert McNair

I'm Free


This is Calvert Mac” McNair’s good-bye to the gospel world he loved – and that loved him. He was a key member of gospel’s foremost “golden age” quartet, the top-selling Sensational Nightingales. Before Mac’s untimely death from cancer at the age of 45 in 1996, he planned this album as a gift to his family. “I’m Free” in every way underscores Mac’s fruitful life, his dedication to the gospel music and his belief in the everlasting life. Read More

Track Listing:
  • 1. I'm Free  
  • 2. Face To Face  
  • 3. God Has Been So Good To Me  
  • 4. Tell Someone How Precious He Is  
  • 5. The God Of Peace
  • 6. We've Got To Keep Moving On
  • 7. Flow Through Me  
  • 8. Satisfied
  • 9. Friends  
  • 10. Worship Him

As former lead singer of Malaco’s legendary Nightingales, Mac was blessed with reaching thousands of followers. Mac performs two of the quartets classics, “Face to Face” and “We’ve Got To Keep Moving On.” for this album. Both are symbolic of his Christian mission and anticipation of meeting God “face to face.” Mac rounded out “I’m Free” with many more of his favorite gospel songs from his rich musical past. Recording since the age of 14, he began singing professionally as a member of gospel’s Willie Banks & The Messengers, another top-selling Malaco group. Many of the choice cuts collected here are traditional heart-felt songs of praise, such as “God Has Been So Good to Me”, “Tell Someone How Precious He Is”, “The God Of Peace” and “Worship Him.” Mac gives thanks for his own life’s blessings in many ways with such songs as “Flow Through Me”, “Satisfied” and “Friends.” The Title cut, of course, gives his family, friends and fans spiritual comfort, as Mac promises “I’m Free.”

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