Bill Pinkney & The Original Drifters

Bill Pinkney has been drifting as a Drifter for 43 years. He is a Rock-N-Roll Hall of Fame Member. As the last living original member of the classic R & B group, Pinkney and his sound have been welcomed worldwide. Now he has found a new musical home in Mississippi. Pinkney & The Original Drifters released the group's first gospel album "Peace in the Valley" on the Blackberry Records label, owned by The Williams Brothers. They also produced "Peace in the Valley." The album features guest vocals by The Williams Brothers and The Temptations' lead singer Ali-Ollie Woodson, who is Pinkney's Godson. The gospel record carries contemporary and traditional songs of faith and also features "America, the Beautiful". Mr. Pinkney feels good about gospel muic. He predicted his group's next CD will stay in that fold. He said "We sing everything. We'll be doing R&B - and we'll also do gospel."

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