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The co-founder and lead vocalist of the legendary Angelic Gospel Singers, Margaret Allison was born and raised in Philadelphia, where she first surfaced as a member of a chorus named the Spiritual Echoes. Inspired by the events of a dream, she formed the Angelics in 1944 with her sister Josephine McDowell and fellow Echoes Ella Mae Norris and Lucille Shird; after playing to receptive audiences in the Philadelphia area, the group performed in Shird's hometown of to Asheville, NC, followed by an equally well-received appearance in Norris' native Greenville, SC. Emboldened by their success, the Angelics began touring more and more extensively, and in 1947 they were signed to Gotham Records; their debut single, "Touch Me Lord Jesus," remains a gospel classic. In the face of numerous line-up changes throughout the years which followed, Allison remained the heart and soul of the group, steering them through subsequent tenures on the Nashboro and Malaco labels; in 1994, the Angelics celebrated their golden anniversary.
Biography by Jason Ankeny

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