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Jasper Williams, Jr. is Senior Pastor of Salem Bible Church (formerly Salem Baptist Church) where he has been for 40 years. He has been preaching for over 50 years. This foundation and experience is crucial to the success of JWPM because it lends practicality to the mission of this ministry.

While there are a myriad of words one could use to describe the magnanimity of Jasper W. Williams, Jr., he can best be characterized as a faithful and lifelong servant of God.

He is the first of four children, born on July 22, 1943, to the late Reverend Jasper W. Williams, Sr. and Alice S. Williams. Reared in a devout family environment, he came of age watching his father do God¹s work as the pastor of Lane Avenue Baptist Church in Memphis, Tennessee. Pastor Williams experienced a spiritual conversion and accepted his calling at the age of six.

On Easter Sunday, April 14, 1963, at the age of 19, Pastor Williams was invited to preach at Salem Baptist Church on Martin Street in Atlanta, Georgia. He left Memphis with the intention to return and become the Associate Pastor of Lane Avenue Baptist Church. These plans were thwarted when he accepted the call to pastor Salem Baptist Church on November 10, 1963.

In ministry, he rides at the helm of being a premier national revivalist. He provided exceptional leadership for the National Baptist Convention while he chaired the "Late Night Committee Services."

He has amassed numerous recordings, including nationally acclaimed sermons like "I Fell in Love with a Prostitute", "If Walls Could Talk", "Playboy Comes Home" and many more. Not only has his voice been spotlighted in the pulpit, but he has recorded with artists like Aretha Franklin and Dottie Peoples.

On the social front, he has served Atlanta by being one of the first voices to be heard in expressing the African American community¹s need to be economically viable and to deal with the plagues of drug abuse, alcoholism and teen pregnancy.

In the political arena, he has served on many levels during many eras of our history. He was with Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. at the onset of what has now become known as the Civil Rights Movement. He played an integral role in the life, ministry and political career of Jesse Louis Jackson, Sr. His service continued on to include key positions on the Mayor¹s Advisory Board to being a Major of the Atlanta City Police, to becoming influential on the Governor¹s Advisory Board.

As the Shepherd of the flock, he watches over more than 12,000 souls, has implemented countless ministries, orchestrated several building programs and led the Salem Bible Church in the expansion of geographical presence and land acquisition... one ministry in three locations.

One of his most prized accomplishments is being a father of two, Jasper, III and Joseph L., both of whom work closely in the ministry with him. ~ used from

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