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Johnny B. and The Freedom Kids
Johnny Barranco’s list of credits in the music industry is impressive.

Karen Darnell And The Freedom Kids
In His perfect timing, God has allowed my experience of ministering to my own children, and my love for singing, to become one.

Will McFarlane
You have heard Will McFarlane's guitar work before, whether or not his name rings a bell.

Hokus Pick
Longevity isn’t a word generally used to describe most bands, Christian or otherwise.

The Kry
Late in the 1980s, Jean-Luc LaJoie and his brother Yves, left Quebec, Canada for the United States in hopes of gaining musical recognition (that ugly word ‘fame’ comes to mind).
Mr. Smart and The Freedom Kids
"I Don't Do Kids"

Jamie Slocum
Jamie Slocum comes alive onstage and is the first to share with others that he considers as his ministry singing songs about finding encouragement through God’s love, grace, and mercy.

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