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Late in the 1980s, Jean-Luc LaJoie and his brother Yves, left Quebec, Canada for the United States in hopes of gaining musical recognition (that ugly word ‘fame’ comes to mind). They landed first in Albuquerque, New Mexico, because a cousin was there and found the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Their lives were changed forever. They joined a Calvary Chapel church and became part of a praise and worship team headed up by youth pastor, Pete Nelson. This trio became the band that is known today as The Kry, so named to help listeners remember John (The Baptist) who referred to himself as “the voice of one crying in the wilderness, ‘Make straight the way of the Lord, as said the prophet Isaiah.’” (See John 1:23).

Heeding that call to come unto Christ, members of The Kry have arrived at the foot of the cross and take it upon themselves to follow in John’s footsteps. Their sincere desire is to give God the Glory for whatever success they have or might achieve and focus their hearts and lives on going after the ones who are lost to Jesus and strengthening those who continue on their journey with him.

Their last release with Freedom Records (The Malaco Music Group), self-produced Let Me Say, comes after a three year hiatus from the studio evolving out of their experiences on the road and in the ministry, which has included trips to Israel, Albania, Africa, Australia, and an annual trip to Yves and Jean’s home in Quebec, Canada. They have partnered with many churches in their travels, but continue to make their musical base Southern California. Even Pete, who has relocated to Vail, Colorado, returns to the desert sands to work with the band.

The band’s credits include the albums, “I’ll Find You There,” “You,” “What About Now,” and “Unplugged.” Though they have won an Indie Award for Best Album of the Year and enjoyed a string of radio hits, members of the band will be the first to remind fans and the industry they aren’t ‘in it’ for the promise of accolades and recognition. They consider themselves ministers first, creating the band as a natural platform to present a portion of their ministry because the three have always been musicians.

When the group is not promoting the Gospel through events such as the Harvest Crusades or touring with Focus on the Family, they can be found speaking on behalf of Compassion International or at home with their families. They consider their primary ministry responsibility building a strong and faithful family unit so that they may all be equipped to minister to the needs of those around them. Each member has dedicated their life to serving God in every way they can.

Sowing seeds of hope…
Let Me Say reflects the desire of their hearts—to bring the lost and broken-hearted to the Gospel of Jesus Christ, each song delivering a powerful and direct message about the Gospel. After performing “Law of Love” the first time, a gentleman came forward and related his personal story to Jean-Luc. The song, he said, vividly expressed his own family crisis and had given him the strength and courage he needed to try to make amends for the pain he had caused his wife and children. The song gave him hope for recovery, renewal, and rebirth. Isn’t that what the Gospel is all about?

With their 7th album "Undone", The Kry have performed on 5 continents and influenced people all over the world. They are an ideal fellowship of artists that truly believe in taking the gospel to all ends of the earth. With huge hooks and amazing pop-rock lyrics, The Kry is making a huge impact on today’s youth.

The voice of one crying in the wilderness: “Prepare the way of the Lord; Make straight in the desert a highway for our God.”
Isa 40:3


Having traveled across the world and back for more than a decade, we have observed in many places the multitude of ways that God is being cast out of our society. We are deeply concerned that the Holy Bible is often regarded as a book of fairy tales and that prayer is not allowed in public schools. We have watched children massacre other children and nations destroy each other as we stand helplessly looking on. Indeed, there is an urgent need for people to once again proclaim the everlasting truths of the gospel of Jesus Christ in our modern moral wilderness.

This is the mission that The Kry has been following for nearly 9 years now, to make known the love of God through Jesus Christ in a world that is desperately looking for answers in all the wrong places.

Now then, we are ambassadors for Christ, as though God were pleading through us: we implore you on Christ’s behalf, be reconciled to God. 2 Cor 5:20

It is our hope and desire that through our ministry efforts, many will turn their hearts to the saving love of Jesus Christ and be forever changed in Him. People need to know that they have a Creator. A Father who loves them and who went to great lengths to save them from their sins. He has called His children to be His ambassadors. We hope to see new converts later become disciples who will equip the next generation of leaders in the church.

We hope that our music (CD’s and concerts) will help to equip believers with the some of the right tools they need in which to bring their friends to the cross. We definitely consider ourselves to be ministers first—fortunate enough to be able to share the gospel in part through the gift of music that we have been given by God.

God has chosen the foolish things of the world to put to shame the wise, and God has chosen the weak things of the world to put to shame the things which are mighty. 1 Cor 1:27



There’s a guy who lives in a palace
Drinks the night away
Just to forget the here and now
His family wouldn’t stay
Every time that evening comes around
Then the bottle comets to town
I can’t say with full assurance
What he’s going through
But I pray someday he’ll realize
What his world is coming to
Hope that somehow he feels sorry now
Breaking promises and vows
Everyone around is getting hurt

Hey you, you can do what you wanna do
But someday you’re gonna reap it too
That’s the law of love
Jesus said “You shall love your God with all your heart” “You shall love your neighbor as yourself,” “That’s the law of love.”

There’s a girl who lived with her parents
Then she ran away
It’s been days—no sign of the little girl
No she wouldn’t stay
All those years of hatred broke her heart
Without love they grew apart

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