Jamie Slocum

Jamie Slocum

Jamie Slocum comes alive onstage and is the first to share with others that he considers as his ministry singing songs about finding encouragement through God’s love, grace, and mercy. Indeed, his music seems to speak to those who are lost and hurting, insecure or intimidated by their sins and shortcomings. If emails are any indication of his message getting through, he would say it’s working. Flooded by letters of thanks and stories of lives forever changed by the simple message in his songs, Jamie followed-up his debut hit with Freedom Records, Grace Changes Everything with Someone Like You, an album replete with radio friendly songs.

Someone Like You, is filled with this simple message: Stay in prayer, God loves you unconditionally, will take you just as you are, and He needs you to do something special with your life. Jamie produced the record himself, but called upon the talents of Ronnie Brookshire (Steven Curtis Chapman, Jaci Velasquez, Michael W. Smith, Boys II Men) to record and mix the project. Someone Like You is most notably different from the first for its use of background vocals, a nice touch, boasting the vocal prowess of well known singer Lisa Bevill. Still fun pop and radio friendly, Jamie has the ability to take important messages of the gospel and make them crystal clear.

His first project, Somewhere Under Heaven received rave reviews and a Dove Award nomination for Best New Artist of 1996. Grace Changes Everything has enjoyed longevity on radio and it’s title track topped the CCM charts at #8, while another cut, “You Take Me Places,” climbed into the top twenty.

Interestingly, “Wounded” was a sleeper hit, not in the radio reporter sense, but in the healing sense. As radio began to pick it up and play it, throughout the months, Jamie began hearing the stories of those for whom the message was meant. For Jamie, that is the definition of success. Ask Jamie what he wants to do with his music and he will say, “I want to encourage people, make them happy.”
Jamie’s love for performing came when he was a young boy. He loved the pop music of the seventies and eighties and enjoyed any musical opportunity afforded him. Born in Oregon, Jamie and his family relocated to Arizona when he was a small child. There, he had his first taste of performance as part of the Phoenix Boys Choir at age nine.

In school, he sampled a string of instruments beginning with the saxophone, guitar, then piano. He began songwriting during his teen years and even had a band with his friends called Shadowhouse. “I always loved music,” recalls Jamie. “It’s one of those things that just progressed naturally. I was always songwriting, always singing.”

After searching for alternative careers through studies of Marine Biology and Broadcasting in college, Jamie finally made his trek to Nashville in 1991 to pursue music. In a relatively short time Jamie had hooked up with other songwriters and began collaborating and sharpening his own skills.
Even in his early days in Nashville, Jamie managed to get several songs published, including “We Got A Good Thing Goin” which was a top ten hit in Christian country music for Seneca. By 1994, Jamie had caught the eye of Christian record company executives and had his own album.
Grateful for his successes, Jamie states, “I love playing, of course, but my favorite times as an artist are meeting people after the concert and just hanging out with them.” Jamie says, “It’s not glamorous at all and I’m glad. I would gauge success simply by whether or not we touch people’s lives. If we can’t, I don’t feel there’s a point to any of this, because it’s just vanity.” “My dream is that I am able to make a difference. Then my prayers will be answered,” Jamie states. “I want to hear God say, ‘Well done, good and faithful servant, now come rejoice with me in a great place.’”
Jamie and his wife, Amy, reside in Tennessee and is currently signed to Curb Records in Nashville.

My Heart Knows 2003 Curb Records
Someone Like You 2001 Freedom Records
Grace Changes Everything 1999 Freedom Records
Somewhere Under Heaven 1996 Curb Records

Never Gonna Let You Go #11,
Contemporary Praise

Someone Like You/Someone Like You
Top 40, AC Chart

Grace Changes Everything/
Grace Changes Everything Debut single on top ten for 5 weeks, #8

You Take Me Places/
Grace Changes EverythingTop 20, CCM Charts

Wounded/Grace Changes Everything
Top 40 nationwide

Headed For The Light/
Somewhere Under Heaven Reached #17, AC Charts

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Getting Together/Cornerstone TV Pittsburg, TN

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The Topeka Capital-Journal
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1997 Dove Award Nomination Best New Artist

The Main Event fundraiser for DCA,
with LeeAnn Womack Nashville, TN

Grace Ministries fundraiser @ The Ryman,
with Michael English & Tammy Trent Nashville, TN

2000 Mingus Mountain Phoenix, AZ

2000-2001 Remuda Ranch Phoenix, AZ

2000 A Taste of Cincinnati Cincinnati, OH

2000 True Love Waits Rally w/ Steven Curtis Chapman & LaRue Nashville, TN

2000 Calvary Chapels Nationwide

1999 Music Festival with Caedmon’s Call
Atlanta, GA

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