Hokus Pick

Hokus Pick

Longevity isn’t a word generally used to describe most bands, Christian or otherwise. For Hokus Pick however, it is the fruit born from dedicated, unified service in their music ministry. After ten years of playing together, and on the heels of their first greatest hits compilation, Greatest Picks, Hokus Pick launched their sixth album, Super Duper. Studio veteran Russ Long, who is also known for his work with Sixpence None the Richer, Newsboys, Steve Taylor, and Guardian produced their last release on the Freedom Records label, owned by The Malaco Music Group. Delivered in a solid rock/pop style, Super Duper drives the gospel message home from God’s point of view.

Hokus Pick is comprised of four fun-loving Canadians, Russ Smith (vocals, guitar), Matt Pierrot (guitar), Dave Strilchuk (bass), and Rick Colhoun (drums) who write all of their own material and play on their recordings. Their lyrics and music, though lighthearted and fun also manage to speak a deeper message to humanity. These skilled musicians are quick to recognize mankind’s need to be uplifted and strengthened by the gospel. They sing healing words of acceptance and love to the frailties and differences all people share.

When the band toured, they would do so in five-week blocks, allowing Hokus Pick members time to spend with their wives and giving them the ability to reach fans across the United States and Canada. In the summertime, they were often found at Christian music and outreach festivals, playing to crowds of up to 15,000, such as were at the Creation ’96 Festival in Pennsylvania. Hokus Pick has also toured with dc Talk, Steve Taylor, Guardian and played spot dates with Jars of Clay and Petra among others. They have also had the opportunity to take part in two Billy Graham Crusades with Franklin Graham and Ross Rhodes as speakers.

When asked their feelings about their status in the music industry, Hokus Pick unanimously agrees that their career as full-time musicians was very satisfying. They are truly grateful that God has blessed them with so many opportunities to share the gospel through their music, which they love. As veterans in the industry, they are bolder than ever before in the approach they’re taking to spread God’s word. They are focused on reinforcing the message, “Jesus Loves You!” to their listeners and are neither ashamed nor afraid to bear witness to the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Traveling a road that is sometimes rocky and broken, Hokus Pick leans heavily on the scriptures. One of their favorite verses is Hebrews 10:23 which says, “Let us hold unswervingly to the hope that we profess, for He who promised is faithful.” It reminds them to hang on to their beliefs and to continue in their music ministry for Him. Their collective prayer is that they might lead people unto Jesus and the measure of their success is in accomplishing this one thing.

Since 2001, the group has continued within the industry, branching into music ministry with churches, as well as working in the areas of promotions and promotional materials for bands, management and recording. They have also been blessed with children and the opportunity to stay close to their wives and families to venture in new directions for the future.

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