The Controllers

The Controllers

The Controllers Take Control At Malaco, the headlines read all over the newspapers. The Controllers are, quite certainly, the most seasoned original groups still working and recording today. They have not lost their sound, which is still as fresh as it was when they started. Since their inception, The Controllers have pumped out 16 Billboard R & B chart topping hit singles. These recordings have come on Juana, MCA and Capitol Records.

The Controllers are known by mature audiences as writers, sensuous balladeers and electrifying performers. They are the type of group that captures the sounds of soul in its purest form. They are a group that brings back memories of the day when music was music, musicians were musicians, and re-mixing was unheard of. Their melodious harmonies are something special that artists of today struggle to imitate. These reasons were what drew Malaco to sign The Controllers to their label.

With an existence spanning over 30 years, The Controllers have never strayed from singing about heart-felt passions. "These songs never lose their appeal'" exclaim The Controllers. Their debut album for Malaco Clear View is packed heavy with eleven innovative tracks which includes the smash hit When I'm Away, a love ballad expressing deep, total love not diminshed by distance. The Controllers are here to stay and will continue to release the exact same great heart-felt songs that have made them famous.

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