Steve Perry

The best classification for Steve Perry is import/export. His brand of Southern soul music is so good, it should be exported everywhere!

Steve Perry is one of the most talented singers to emerge on the Southern soul scene. Gifted with a strong, sensual voice and aided by clever lyrics and dramatic hooks, he has created a winning combination. I Need U, on the Juana label, was written and produced by Perry. Frederick Knight, of "Ring My Bell" fame and a Stax legend, is executive producer.

From an early age, Perry had aspirations for a show business career. Working as a club DJ helped him make the transition to recording artist. He says that singing along with records "helped me get rid of stage fright." His brother, Anthony, helped push him in the right direction at the right time. "Once I got started in this business," he says, "I wanted to go all the way."

In 1995, Steve and Anthony penned and arranged a single titled "Share." Selling about 2000 copies of the single from his car, he soon headed back into the studio to record "Let Me Feel It." He laughingly discusses this early misstep, when he had no money left to manufacture or distribute. "It was getting great feedback and response but..." That was a sad but necessary lesson in Music Production 101. Perry tried again, writing and arranging the single "Satisfied." The end result was basically the same. Realizing the need for a full-length record to shop, he recorded his first cd, "Who's Stealin' My Love" in 1998. Response was good but still no distributor. Finally, it clicked for Steve Perry. Juana Records stepped in and you sorta know the rest. Two releases "I Need U" and "Let Me Go" are much requested tunes on Southern soul stations. Modestly, Perry says the cd is "doing really well."

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