Shirley Brown

The Soul Of A Woman


Shirley Brown had nothing to prove at Malaco Records, where insiders call her “the voice” of the label. Yet the driven artist has outdone herself, again, with the outstanding album of her career: “The Soul Of A Woman.” Beyond Shirley’s phenomenal vocals (which have created more than a dozen Billboard R&B charted hits, including the No. 1 “Woman To Woman,” she truly explores every chamber of a woman’s heart in “Soul Of A Woman.” Read More

Track Listing:
  • 1. Why You Want To Love Me Like That
  • 2. You're Never Gonna Find Another Love Like Mine
  • 3. Don't Go Lookin' For My Man  
  • 4. The Power Of A Woman
  • 5. Who Is Betty  
  • 6. Female Player 
  • 7. The Search Is Over
  • 8. The Last Time I Cry (Over A Man)
  • 9. You Left A Good Woman For A Good Time
  • 10. I Caught You With Your Pants Down
  • 11. He Looked Beyond My Faults  

This CD follows Shirley’s major-selling, charted-hit album “Diva Of Soul,” which outsold her previous three albums combined! It’s hit singles include “You Ain’t Woman Enough,” an answer to “Woman To Woman.” On “Soul Of A Woman,” Shirley sings the ins, the outs, the ups, and the upside downs of love in songs that range from cutting-edge contemporary to solid soul. A natural storyteller, Shirley also co-wrote six songs and co-produced the CD. Famed Malaco songwriter Rich Cason (Good Love) wrote four cuts and Malaco’s George Jackson (Bobby Bland’s scribe) wrote another. On this stunning CD, Shirley sings in the stratosphere, gives true love a tribute, musters a woman’s inner strength, lays down the law of love, belts blues, raps, tears away you last heart string and ends with an awesome gospel anthem. She leaves no emotion unexplored, no note unconquered in “Soul Of A Woman.”

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