Sang'n Clarence

Lay'n...It Onya


His name pretty much says who you’re dealing with – Sang’n Clarence. That’s a man just born to be heard. Blending R&B and down-home urban blues with spicy soul (like nobody else), Sang’n Clarence is a rare, refreshing surprise in his Waldoxy Records debut. Read More

Track Listing:
  • 1. Ole Dirty Rat
  • 2. Have Your Cake And Eat It To  
  • 3. Older Man, Younger Woman
  • 4. Whatever
  • 5. Mama Meant 'Dat
  • 6. Runnin' In And Outta' My Life
  • 7. I Just Wanna Lay With You  
  • 8. Till You Come Back
  • 9. Nut Don't Fit A Screw
  • 10. Don't Walk Away  
  • 11. Wake Up

Women (young and old) say his music is timeless because, time and time again, it takes their breath away. From first note to last, you’ll know the experience can only be described as: Sang’n Clarence, that man just born to be heard.

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