Robert Tillman

Robert Tillman

From the beginning with a band called “Wisdom”, which the release “Drifting” received
Modest success, to his works with internationally known blues singer, the late McKinley
Mitchell, Robert Tillman became a lead vocalist with energetic Freedom Band and the youngest lead singer for the “Drells” which was formerly known as “Archie Bell &The Drells”. With this association, Robert Tillman performed in concert halls with the Temptations, Hal Melvin & The Blue Notes and many more well known vocal groups. After signing with Ace Records, Robert Tillman released his debut album, “Thinking Of You” which became an instant winner and helped him establish his solo career. Robert’s Tillman’s Ace Records release, Hurt By Love Before, certainly insured that Robert Tillman’s sound was not just another fad, but that it would have longevity in the music industry. Robert delivers his second CD with the same smooth, easy, yet soulful sound. Robert’s third recorded with Avanti Records,” Give Me Just One Chance” revealed how such greats as Jackie Wilson and Marvin Gaye influenced his style, while maintaining his own identity. “I Found Love” and “Drop It Like It’s Hot” released from his “Coochie Whipped” CD still enjoying tremendous success, the first as a number one love ballad and the latter has been adopted as one of the official dance songs in the night spots often used in “Drop It Like It’s Hot” contests. The “Coochie Whipped” CD showcases Robert’s many talents as vocalist, songwriter and producer. Finally, Robert Tillman’s latest CD entitled “Still Thinking” released on Waldoxy Records has been predicted to be his best CD yet. And with signing of Robert Tillman’s new contract with Tommie Couch Jr. President of Waldoxy Records/ Malaco Music Group Jackson, Mississippi there is no doubt that the association with this recording giant is a perfect match and take Robert Tillman and his music to greater heights. Robert Tillman music reveals tremendous talents, and great entertaining abilities. Robert’s stage performance is a mesmerizing, energetic and unrelenting choreography that sets Robert Tillman apart from anyone typical. Robert Tillman’s audiences and people in general, genuinely love the man, Robert Tillman, as well as his music. And when you have heard the messages and felt the sincerity through his songs, you’ll understand why and come to the same conclusion that Robert Tillman is without a doubt
One of the greatest entertainers in the Music Industry.

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