I have always been in the race I've just been out side the track.

That's how Joe Poonanny sums up his three decades in the music business without the benefit of a recording until 1993. His quote defines his feelings of being a part of the scene, but with no recorded material, he had nothing tangible to show that he played an integral part in the blues revival. Simply put, Poonanny is a blues comedian. He loves to write songs that offer a play on words and he loves even more to turn the tables on himself.

Born and raised in Birmingham, Alabama, Joe Poonanny caught his first taste of the blues from a cafe across the street where his family lived. He could look out of his window into the open back door of the cafe to see only the drummer. After watching the "Gene Krupa Story," he made his mind up to play the drums. He continued to play the drums throughout high school when he was first recruited at age 17 to play his first real gig at a local club. They paid him $6.00 plus all the hamburgers and Coca-Cola he wanted.

From 1975 until 1981, he operated several nightclubs and managed bands. That type of life became unappealing after a while. Poonanny began to think - "How could I possibly die and not leave this world something with the name Poonanny on it?" It was then that he teamed up with Waldoxy Records to release his debut album, POONANNY BE STILL. The album was an instant success with the adult and blues radio circuit. As Poonanny so eloquently puts it, "People love knowin' somebody else's business, that's why all those talk radio shows are so popular. I'm just talkin' sh** and that's what people want to hear."

For many years, Poonanny has been dubbed as the "GODFATHER OF THE CHITLIN' CIRCUIT", with a relentless tour schedule on the club circuit. He has added fraternity parties and country clubs to that touring schedule now, proving that he is an entertainer in all ways. He has just released his brand new album, BRAND NEW CADALLIC, which has already had a large sales impact on the blues market. Poonanny can be found on the upcoming Malaco 30th Anniversary Box Set representing the history and music of Malaco Records.

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