Little Milton

Guitar Man


Milton adds his stinging guitar licks on most of the blue/soul gems here. If you are a Little Milton fan, you'll love this album as much as any of his other fine releases.
Winner of the 2002 W.C. Handy Award for soul/blues album "Feel It," Little Milton is back with his follow up release "Guitar Man" on the Malaco Records label. The project, which showcases Milton's signature guitar style, features songs by multi-award winning songwriter George Jackson. Read More

Track Listing:
  • 1. Guitar Man  
  • 2. Take Time Out To Hear Me Some Blues  
  • 3. Still Some Meat Left On This Bone  
  • 4. Blues Tune-Up  
  • 5. I Could Have Saved Our Love 
  • 6. I Wish I Could Be Your Lover  
  • 7. You Were On The Right Street  
  • 8. The Juke Joint Is Calling Me  
  • 9. Mr. & Mrs. Untrue  
  • 10. Just One Moment  
  • 11. Whenever You Come Around  
  • 12. My Way  

The tune "Take Time Out To Hear Some Blues" is reminiscent of George's earlier smash hit "Down Home Blues." Present throughout the album is the unmistakable soul that is part of everything Milton has recorded going as far back as the Chess and Stax days. Milton is joined by newcomer Karen Brown on the classic "Mr. and Mrs. Untrue," a song earlier recorded for Malaco by Mighty Sam McClain. After 50 years of recording and touring, Little Milton still flaunts his strong vocals and of course his soulful guitar tone. Guitar Player Magazine said it best, "The only thing wrong with Little Milton's guitar playing is there is never enough of it." "Guitar Man" is a classic example why Little Milton is truly a living legend.

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