Johnnie Taylor

Taylored To Please


There are a half-million reasons why Johnnie Taylor’s album, “Taylored To Please,” is destined to become blistering hot. On “Taylored To Please,” Johnnie is totally back with his one-of-a-kind, rich, smooth, sizzling R&B style. Malaco’s veteran studio wizards, Tommy Couch Sr. and Gerald “Wolf” Stephenson, along with hit-making staff composer Rich Cason, produced the album. Read More

Track Listing:
  • 1. Groove Me  
  • 2. Cheatin' On Me  
  • 3. I'm Not The Man You Need  
  • 4. Disco Lady, 2000  
  • 5. If You Take Your Love Away  
  • 6. You Couldn't Break Me  
  • 7. Kickin' Back, Chillin' Out  
  • 8. What Good Is A Man 
  • 9. Loose Hair In The Bathroom  
  • 10. Can't Live With You 
  • 11. You Can't Strike Gold In A Silver Mine  
  • 12. Throw Your Hands In The Air  
  • 13. Disco Lady, 2000 Radio Slam (Remix) 

Johnnie has been making million selling singles since 1968 and moved into the 2 million selling platinum realm with 1976’s “Disco Lady,” which hit No. 1 on Billboard’s pop and R&B charts. It was the industry’s first single ever certified platinum by the R.I.A.A. “Taylored To Please” not only packs a strong stream of new cuts in the “Soul Philosopher’s” masterful style. It carries very updated remakes of his signature smash, “Disco Lady” (now retitled “Disco Lady 2000”) and of King Floyd’s 1971 Malaco mega hit “Groove Me.” Johnnie’s awesome ability to handle hits in any R&B genre simply is overpowering in “Taylored To Please.”

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