George Jackson

George Jackson In Muscle Shoals


This long-awaited album is a unique collection of twenty previously unissued tracks by legendary southern soul singer and hit songwriter George Jackson. Produced by Jackson with Jimmy Johnson and the Muscle Shoals Sound Rhythm Section at the world-famous Muscle Shoals Sound studios in Sheffield, Alabama.  

Track Listing:
  • 1. Help Me, I'm In Need 
  • 2. Sweet Things 
  • 3. If I Could Open Up My Heart 
  • 4. Messin' With My Mind 
  • 5. Can't Let My Family Down 
  • 6. Searching For The Right Words 
  • 7. Love, I Thought I Would Never Find Love 
  • 8. Cheatin' In The Next Room 
  • 9. Since You Came Into My Life 
  • 10. When Love Is For Real 
  • 11. Nothin' But A Good Love 
  • 12. It Takes A Storm To Make A Rainbow 
  • 13. The Weekend 
  • 14. Slippin' On Your Love 
  • 15. Unlock Your Mind 
  • 16. For The Sake Of You 
  • 17. I Don't Do Windows 
  • 18. Make You Mine 
  • 19. Down Home Blues 
  • 20. A Knight In Shining Armour 
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