Floyd Taylor

You Still Got It


Fans were introduced to Floyd Taylor upon his first album release of the appropriately titled 'Legacy' CD. 'You Still Got It' is Floyd's third album on Malaco and promises to carry on the Taylor tradition of this legendary sound. This 12 track collection is packed with the style and sound that fans have been craving and is sure to please!  

Track Listing:
  • 1. You've Still Got It 
  • 2. If I Could Do It Over 
  • 3. (You're Gonna) Get Us Killed 
  • 4. What If He Knew 
  • 5. Southern Soul Party 
  • 6. I Miss My Daddy 
  • 7. No One Should Be Lonely 
  • 8. I Forgot To Remember 
  • 9. Woman 
  • 10. I'm Hooked On These Blues 
  • 11. If You Catch Me Sleepin' 
  • 12. Sweet Love 
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