Floyd Taylor

No Doubt


To mention the name "Taylor" in any conversation about true R&B and Soul music certainly brings to mind the legendary Johnnie Taylor. For decades, Johnnie was in the spotlight, on the radio and on the stage; he set the bar for artists of genre. Upon his untimely passing in May of 2000, it was felt that no other could fill his shoes - until April 2002 when his son, Floyd Taylor, released his aptly titled debut "Legacy." Read More

Track Listing:
  • 1. We're Goin' Out On The Town 
  • 2. Baby, I've Changed 
  • 3. Go Upstairs 
  • 4. Slipped, Tripped, Stumbled And Fell 
  • 5. Hit It Right 
  • 6. My Bad 
  • 7. We're Goin' Steppin' 
  • 8. I've Got To Love Somebody's Baby 
  • 9. Unfinished Business 
  • 10. I Can't Stand To Be Away From You 
  • 11. Here's A Flower (For The Lonely Woman) 
  • 12. Step Into My Heart 

Fans were amazed by the resemblance. Floyd sounds like his father - when he sings, when he talks, when he laughs. He quickly won the hearts of Taylor fans, both old and new, and left them begging for more.
While Floyd is proud of his roots, the success of "Legacy" helped him to establish himself as his own man - yet similar to Johnnie. He wanted to be sure that he returned with a follow-up release that would not only please both fans and critics but be even better than expected - and that is just what has been done with his newest release "No Doubt" on Malaco Records.

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