Ernie Johnson

Ernie Johnson

Ernie Johnson has come a great distance since his job as a cotton hauler. One day, one of Ernie's relatives, Ivory Joe Hunter came to Ernie with a suitcase full of money that he had made while playing the piano. "That right there was my clue to start pursuing a singing career and give up my job as a cotton hauler", Ernie recalls. He packed up and moved to Texas, in 1957, determined to make it as a singer. His first performance was at Club 84 in Mexia, Texas, in the late '50s, where he opened for Lavelle White and Guitar James Walley. By the end of the show, Johnson had upstaged his headliners. He became flattered about his newfound success so he set out to gather up a band to solidify his place in the blues and R & B circuit. He soon started his band by the name of the Soul Blenders. They quickly found themselves playing everywhere from beer joints to VFW halls, anyplace they could find that would hold a band. Johnson's fee for playing, fifty cents to a dollar. Johnson says of his fee, "We're talking about the early '70s, everything was cheap."

Johnson was told he would find success and fame on Jimmy Liggin's (a famous songwriter/producer) Duplex Records, but the label folded in 1978, before Johnson had time to get anything released. He played a little while longer until he met up with Al "TNT" Braggs, who produced and released Ernie's debut LP, "Just In Time", on Ronn Records in the mid '80s. The follow up album was titled "It's Party Time" which was released in 1993, on Paula Records. But, after a few years, Ernie left Paula Records and landed at Waldoxy Records in Jackson, Mississippi. Since joining Waldoxy, he has released and continues to release hit after hit record. He has found himself to be a mainstay on the blues and R & B circuit. It is Johnson's commensurate ability as a blues singer with soul that makes him a winner. He is a strong contender in the R & B arena as one of the most vibrant singers performing today. All of his compositions are a stunningly crafted collection of songs showcasing the musical depth of his mesmerizing, intense, pure emotion.

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