Ernie Johnson

Hot & Steamy


Ernie Johnson, after recording for 25 years, emerged onto the R&B scene with the hits “It’s Party Time” and “I’ve Got Dreams To Remember.” His First release on Waldoxy, “In The Mood” reinforced his presence I the world of R&B/Blues with the hits “I’m In The Mood For The Blues” and “Cold This Winter.” Read More

Track Listing:
  • 1. Kiss It
  • 2. Can't Keep A Good Woman Down  
  • 3. I'll Be Gone For Good
  • 4. Made Your Bed Hard
  • 5. Honey Love  
  • 6. I'll Choose
  • 7. Hot & Steamy  
  • 8. My Lover's Prayer
  • 9. Tonight's The Night
  • 10. E.J. Stomp  

This is Ernie’s second release for Malaco’s Waldoxy label titled “Hot & Steamy.” The album produced by label-mate Mel Waiters, features songs showcasing Ernie’s incredible vocal range and style. In addition to producing, Mel wrote most of the songs on the album, and lends his own unique vocal style on two of the cuts. Ernie and his band, which are always a big draw to the blues circuit, will be blanketed the Southeast and Southwest showcasing many of the songs from “Hot & Steamy.”

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