Denise LaSalle

Smokin' In Bed


Denise LaSalle, the First Lady of Blues, is still riding high against the grain and “Smokin’ In Bed.” Sung first-person, the steamy title song about sexually smokin’ (without tobacco) leads a disc of diverse cuts that showcase LaSalle’s expansive talents. She covers real blues to cutting-edge R&B, always snuggling up to the sizzling side of love. Read More

Track Listing:
  • 1. Smokin' In Bed
  • 2. Juke Joint Woman
  • 3. Blues Party Tonight
  • 4. If I Don't Holler
  • 5. Goin' Through The Changes
  • 6. Five Below Zero
  • 7. Never Been Touched Like This
  • 8. Why Am I Missing You?
  • 9. The Night We Called It A Day
  • 10. Dirty Old Woman

LaSalle’s strong identity and sense of musical style is unmistakable in “Smokin’ In Bed.” First at home in rhythm and blues, LaSalle gravitated toward the blues as she recorded more than 15 albums. Now, with “Smokin’ In Bed,” she pulls a double reverse on her unique style. On the CD, she conquers everything from the rockin’ “Blues Party Tonight!” in the down home blues vein to “Never Been Touched Like This,” which is very current R&B with a hip-hop feel. Now, the undauntable Denise LaSalle is back, full of fun, full of surprises and…..”Smokin’ In Bed.”

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