Carl Sims

Carl Sims

Without question, Carl Sims has brought his career full circle throughout the years. In his early years, he toured continuously with Otis Redding and The BarKays. But his touring was cut short with the untimely death of Otis and three of the five members of the BarKays in a plane crash on December 10, 1967. Sims and James Alexander (one of The BarKays) flew a commercial flight carrying the musical equipment to one of the shows while Redding and The BarKays took a private flight. Sims soon returned to Memphis to find solace in Denise LaSalle. They began a four-year tour together until LaSalle convinced Sims to go on tour solo. Since then, the rough voiced artist has enjoyed tremendous success and a huge fan following.

In his early days, Sims encountered a huge success with his hit Seventeen Days of Lovin' on the Jewel/Paula label which hit the charts as a single in 26 countries in 1988. He soon teamed up with guitarist Kenny Wayne Shepherd to release House of Love in 1995, on the Jewel label. This album included his best-known songs such as Shot to the Curb and I'm Trapped as well as many others. Sims credits his long time friend Gladys Crawford for making him become serious about recording albums. He also credits his junior high band teacher, Harry Winfield, for making him believe.

In the late 1990s, Carl headed to Jackson, Mississippi, to eventually sign with Waldoxy Records where he has remained since. His debut album, Let Me Be The One is burning up the circuit. Rich Cason, producer of the album, says, "Carl Sims is a true soul singer. He sings with that soul feeling from back in the day."

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