Bobby Rush

Hen Pecked


The Blues has no better showman than Bobby Rush. Again and again, Rush has won or been nominated for major awards for his live performances by the Blues' top organizations and he is considered one of today's top Bluesmen. "Hen Pecked" is a collection of his best Read More

Track Listing:
  • 1. Hen Pecked 
  • 2. Booga Bear 
  • 3. I Like It 
  • 4. Too Late I'm Gone (with Poonanny) 
  • 5. Dangerous 
  • 6. Feel Like Gettin' It On 
  • 7. Too Short Too Little 
  • 8. Buttermilk Bottom 
  • 9. Beat Me Rockin' 
  • 10. Can't Save A Cent 

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Rush signed with ABC Records in 1968, and released the song "Gotta Have Money". In 1971, Rush made it to the Billboard Soul Charts with "Chicken Heads" released on Galaxy Records. He moved to the Jewel label in 1973, recording four Chicago-produced singles. From Jewel, he went to Warner Brothers then to Philadelphia International Records. By 1982, Rush had signed with LaJam Records out of Jackson, Mississippi, where he released five albums, one of which was the phenomenally successful hit "Sue", and became a major attraction in the South. In 1995, Rush found a home at Malaco's Waldoxy label. At Waldoxy, he released "One Monkey Don't Stop No Show" which was nominated for two W.C. Handy Awards. The Living Blues Critics Poll named him the year's Best Live Performer in 1995. In 1996 and 1997, he captured the Real Blues Magazine Award as The Best Soul / R&B Live Performer.

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