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Over the years, it's been called Race music, Black music, Blues, Rhythm & Blues and Soul Music. Today, Southern Soul is the name placed on the music you have always loved. Southern Soul is the music Read More

Track Listing:
  • 1. We're Going Out On The Town - Floyd Taylor
  • 2. Friday Night Fish Fry - Mel Waiters
  • 3. Shake & Shimmy - Larome Powers
  • 4. Po House - Tyrone Davis
  • 5. Sending You A Kiss - Johnnie Taylor
  • 6. If You Wanna Get It - Big Cynthia
  • 7. Sit Down On It - Marvin Sease
  • 8. Rock That Man In The Boat - Chuck Strong
  • 9. Sleep With One Eye Open - Shirley Brown
  • 10. There's A Rat Loose - Billy Ray Charles
  • 11. Jody's Creepin' - Mr. David
  • 12. Creeping Ain't Easy - Vick Allen
  • 13. Ceatin' & Lying - T.K. Soul
  • 14. Scat Cat - Billy Soul Bonds
  • 15. Going Crazy - Willie Clayton

that started the 60's with Otis Redding, Sam and Dave, Aretha and so many others. It is the same music that was heard blaring from radio stations and clubs during the 80's and 90's from artists such as Johnnie Taylor, Tyrone Davis and Z.Z. Hill and is the same music being performed today to sold out audiences by Mel Waiters, Marvin Sease and Willie Clayton. Yes, the music has evolved but it still stands for the same thing it always has...

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