Billy Soul Bonds

Here Kitty, Kitty


Billy Soul Bonds has been a main stay on the Southern Soul circuit for years. Until now though, he has never had a single breakout and become a hit. "Scat Cat, Here Kitty, Kitty" is that hit single.  

Track Listing:
  • 1. Scatt Cat, Here Kitty, Kitty
  • 2. Movin On Again
  • 3. Bedroom Workout
  • 4. It Took Someone Like You
  • 5. Give Them Their Flowers
  • 6. The Wedding Song
  • 7. I'm Gonna Do Betta Baby
  • 8. I Ain't No Gopher Rat
  • 9. I Failed
  • 10. Bedroom Workout (Remix)
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