Artie White

Home Tonight


As his second Waldoxy venture, “Home Tonight” further feeds the blues appetites thate feasted on Artie’s first disc. The added spice in this album is that the “Blues Boy” makes his music bluesier than ever. “Home Tonight” draws from his straight-ahead blues roots with such smokin’ songs as “Man O The House”, “Black Cat Scratchin’” and “The More You Lie To Me (The Crazier I Get About You). The latter echoes the sweet Delta influence of Jimmy Reed. Read More

Track Listing:
  • 1. Your Man Is Home Tonight
  • 2. Somebody's Fool
  • 3. Man Of The House  
  • 4. If You Don't Love Me
  • 5. Black Cat Scratchin'
  • 6. High Steppin' Mama
  • 7. The More You Lie To Me
  • 8. Second Chance
  • 9. Feet Must Be Tired
  • 10. One Step From The Blues

Artie’s signature blues also is infused with soul seasoning in the powerhouse cuts “Your Man Is Home Tonight” (which inspired the album’s title), “Somebody’s Fool” and “If You Don’t Love Me."

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