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It's A Woman Thang


It's rare that a producer finds a young artist with the musical "savvy and integrity of seasoned veteran singers and yet has the freshness and innovativeness of today's R&B contemporary vocalist. Tonya is indeed a producer's, writer's dream. "Old School" and "New School" combined. Read More

Track Listing:
  • 1. Woman Thang Intro
  • 2. You Ain't Right  
  • 3. I've Been Having An Affair  
  • 4. Just Want Some Real Love  
  • 5. She's Not The Only One  
  • 6. Body 2 Body, Heart 2 Heart  
  • 7. Waiting  
  • 8. Tonya's Mood (segue) 
  • 9. It's A Woman Thang  
  • 10. Tender Trap  
  • 11. Treat Me Right  
  • 12. I Got What You Want
  • 13. When Love Ain't Enough
  • 14. I Surrender

When I auditioned singers for this project, Tonya was the first and only vocalist I listened to. I knew from the first bar, this album was hers. It has been my pleasure and honor to be a part of and be there when her "Star" took off. No studio, production wizardry here: Tonya is the real thing and she does the South proud. - Rich Cason

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